How I dream

To the Younger Generations, May you accomplish what we have failed to do. How I dream old friend, Of a world that can mend, Broken pure hearts, Reconnecting scattered parts. A world that knows no destruction, But only knows construction. Love seeds sowed all around, Hatred, no longer found. We’re no longer bound, To sorrows […]

Menial Life

Done Fighting By: Ehab Shawky East and West, evil resides all around To its strings most people are bound “Stop it before its spark ignites our lands, Stop it before its winds disable our hands” Our mirrors no longer identify our faces Our spirits are gone without any traces Treason disfigured most people In their […]

The Luminous Heart

A call for hope, Written by: Ehab Shawky Inspired by Ameer Az-Zalam (Egypt 2002) Light resides within hearts; Let it hug hope rays before its sun sets You either remain steadfast, or you shall live alone trapped in life’s nets Despair is weakness and a cowardly fear; hope opens locked doors, and dreams cheer You […]