Seeking after the truth of life I got squashed but haven’t given up yet.

Religion + Philosophy + Science + One’s Self Being = Life in eternity.

To the end of our way we shall walk, & everything destined to us is gonna happen
Yet, it seems that we cannot find the end, our escape, so will it find us?



Cairo, Egypt

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Our escape from this phase to another is death, it will take us to a new phase where our escape will be our good deeds and then we will escape to our final destination to live it for infinity.

    Take care and Regards

  2. Hellooo, where are you? I was going to nominate you for the Dragon Loyalty award, and realized I hadn’t heard from you lately. Will nominate you anyway unless you tell me otherwise. I hope all is well.

    • Hello Gean,
      I truly appreciate your concern, I’m okay, I had been occupied through the past month and my mood was terrible, so I was unable to write or even think of writing, but that’s life.

      I truly appreciate it that you thought of my blog when making nominations for the Dragon Loyalty award, this is so heartfelt. I hope you and your family are all fine, may Our Creator grant you a happy and fruitful new year, Amen.

      • Good to hear from you, I had to take a little break over the holidays too, so have fallen behind. I have still have that award thing to deal with and lots of post I want to work on. Why is it that the things we HAVE to do take up all the time for the want to dos?

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