Beyond the road of life,

Roses on both sides,

Waving in soft tides,

Stairs, wondrous high,

Reaching into the sky,

Silvery grey,

Overlooking a bay,

Adjoining gigantic trees,

Swaying with every breeze,

Creating a marvelous dance,

Singing glorious chants,

With angelic voices,

Creating beautiful melodies.

All inhabitants rejoice,

Free from all worries.

Up the emerald stairs,

Traveled the immortal heirs,

Reaching for the light

Whose magnificent delight

Surpasses all imagination,

Heading for their coronation.

Stars shine on the steps,

Sparkles salute footsteps,

Youth, restored and perfected,

Backs, ideally erected,

All standing tall,

Strong like never before,

With luminous faces,

Holding no sorrow traces;

Dressed in brocaded garments,

Emanating an amazing fragrance.

No more maladies, no more pains,

Joyfully, dwells married twains.

Rejoicing with what no eyes have seen,

Not even in the wildest dream.

Lovers walk side by side,

Holding hands in pride,

Above soil of topaz,

Of ruby and sapphire

Crooning in the choir,

Beside the endless river,

That ceaselessly deliver

Water sweeter than honey,

Smelling like Oriental lily.

What hearts ever desired,

They have finally acquired.

Father and son, young together;

Mother and daughter, charming forever.

In lands whose end no one can reach,

Whose peculiarities no soul can preach.

In the everlasting abode

At the end of life’s road

Awaits the virtuous, the kind,

Whose hearts were never blind.

Beyond this worldly life,

There awaits an everlasting life,

For which, every soul should strive.


I wrote this a few years back as prose. I felt like rewriting it as poetry.
Your feedback is highly appreciated.

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