Menial Life

Done Fighting
By: Ehab Shawky


East and West, evil resides all around
To its strings most people are bound
“Stop it before its spark ignites our lands,
Stop it before its winds disable our hands”

Our mirrors no longer identify our faces
Our spirits are gone without any traces
Treason disfigured most people
In their veins runs the blood of Abel
Cains are extinct, they no longer exist
Injustice, selfishness and greed persist
Who’s lying and who’s truthful
No one can tell, we are all distrustful

In my own brother, I cannot identify my father
Old times soak the face of my mother
Life is a menial deceitful place
Whoever seeks its glitter gets lost in its maze

What’s the purpose of life if we lose our souls?
How can we live ignoring wisdom’s calls?
Who would we be if we sell our past and present?
Why should we live if tomorrow will never be pleasant?

From pure hearts let new times spring
Like a fresh tone from a violin’s string
Spreading kindness, planting emotions
In chests drowned in sadness oceans

Let us soar high beyond the skies
Let us dream and open our eyes
On a paradise of humanity
Planted with wisdom and sanity
May our dreams hold our backs straight
Till the unknown brings forth what’s great

O life seduce others but the kind
Their hearts aren’t yours to grind
In their eyes, your treasures hold no light
Over your remnants, they will never fight
They live simply with pure intentions
Their deeds are their sole companions
Innocent souls are not yours to take
Spray your poison elsewhere you dirty snake
We have divorced you once and for all
And in your nets, we won’t again fall

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