Lost Times

The worst train to miss is the train of life
Time doesn’t work backwards
Written By: Ehab Shawky
Cairo, Egypt


In its motion
time is like a deep ocean
It undulates
with high waves
& whirls
darker than deep caves

In its maze
we flounder
& our souls blaze
Unwillingly, we lost our way
Blinded, gone far astray
Something fell broken within
Feelings turned into a sin
Dreams lost in oblivion
pervaded by sadness alluvion

While days pass by
our wounds continue to cry
We walk above their thorns
listening to their horns
declaring the rise of darkness
in a sky turning starless
tortured by running years
drowned in screams and tears
‘Hope’ no longer floats
‘Why,’ chokes our throats
Speech has turned into silence
Screams heard in their sadness
for lost green hearts
Amidst their torn parts
we search for an old track
unable to find our way back


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Lost Generation By Ehab Shawky

6 thoughts on “Lost Times

  1. Wow this hits deep, great work man!

    “‘Hope’ no longer floats
    ‘Why,’ chokes our throats”

    these were my favorite lines 🙂 thank you for sharing

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