Lost Generation

To the honest sincere youth of the Middle East who gave their lives defending the people’s right to justice, liberty & a decent life, asking for nothing in return, nor gaining a thing from their sacrifice.

Written By: Ehab Shawky

Carl Wuttke (German, 1849-1927) - Pyramid Scene, 19th. C

Standing firm for honesty,
Holding on to veracity.

In times of lies and illusions,
Ruled by endless confusions.

Alone they insist to strive,
Unstoppable till they thrive.

From one generation to the next,
Viewed as a verse out of context.

They tumble and halt,
Enduring every assault.

They walk and crawl,
Taking fall after fall.

Clinging to a passion,
Asking for no compassion.

Sure of victory,
Smelling its liberty.

Invoking their Lord,
Adhering to his cord.

“Till death,” they pledged.
With legs wedged,
They held their grounds,
Ignoring warning sounds.

“The enemy is too many.
Take allies if any.”

“No, we’ll stand alone.
We’re always on our own.
So we shall continue to be.
We shall fear none, nor shall we flee.
Every day, a new sacrifice.
Our own lives, if they suffice,
Shall gladly be submitted,
Till falsehood is omitted,
Till our enemy breaks,
If that’s what it takes.”


The brave youth noted not,
That traitors continue to plot,
Against their dreams,
Protecting rotten regimes.

The stab came from behind,
By hands so blind.

“O wretched senseless countries,
Why can’t you recognize your own enemies?

We were your dawn,
Your youth, your backbone.

We swallowed your pains,
To inject love in your veins.

We consumed your bitterness,
To give you our sweetness.

Your silence is writing our end,
While our voices die to extend,
Your existence, your life,
May others continue our strife.

Willingly, we wait for our fate,
Willingly, we knock on its gate,
Concealing a pain so vicious,
Submitting our most precious,
May it restore your charm,
May it sound the alarm,
In deaf ears,
Blocked by endless fears.

Now that we are leaving,
You start grieving!
We don’t need your tears,
Nor do we ask for cheers.
We ask you for no price,
But to remember our sacrifice.”


To all Arab rulers, armies, police forces
To all Arab fanatic idiots, whether Muslims, Christians, Jews, or Atheists
To all fake judicial systems, governmental personnel, and mercenaries
To the stars of worthless lousy “art” that is closer to prostitution
To the media all over the globe
To the ‘mass destruction weapons’ manufacturing countries
& biggest terrorists on earth
To all the fake democratic imperialist regimes, and their slave allies
To all traitors, liars, hypocrites, and opportunists
May you all dwell forever and ever together in HELL.

4 thoughts on “Lost Generation

    • Thank you Ma’am, I’m glad that you enjoyed reading this… a bit political.

      I noticed that you’re the only blogger following my two blogs, thanks again, I really appreciate that very much. I hope my writings would meet your expectations every time.

  1. With the world going on in a din, everyone seems to be at a loss. Religion, in my opinion, should be inherently virtuous. But I guess people in great religious power have strayed from what’s right, amassing twisted groups of faith so as to catapult their individualistic agendas.

    Your intensity in words and particular diction was necessary to bring out this shame man has created upon ourselves.

    • Totally agree.
      “Power & Religion Symbiosis,” has been ruling the earth for millenniums. Those who have true understanding of religion have always been very few, they live like strangers to this world.

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