Slaves’ Screams

When stronger countries take democracy as a ride to invade weaker people’s lands, and steal their riches,
then this is “Modern Slavery.”

In memory of the Egyptian Poet “Sayed Hegab”
Inspired by his great words
Recomposed & written in English By: Ehab Shawky


O deficient times… O ribald days
What a life flipped,
its nobles are at the base
They have stolen our land, and we stand accused
Their soldiers are the thieves,
and their chiefs stand amused

Strangers eat our flesh, and feed us mud
They drink from our sweat, and toast with our blood
We fall, and their whips force us to hold out
But how can we stand with bodies all worn out

O winds, cry out, scream, and blow us away
We have become strangers on our own lands,
enslaved or castaway
Till when shall life keep us dazed?
Till when shall it keep our souls mazed?


As soon as happiness responds to our calls
Its voice fades away along with our souls
O life, why doesn’t your nights show any mercy
Neither our tears, nor our smiles do they find worthy

O happiness, it is not your time yet
Why are you dying when we have just met?
O life, we have returned to chew your bitterness
We remain your victims without any deliverance

Over and over we suffer the same sorrow
Piercing through our hearts like a flaming arrow
We run from one hardship to another
No matter how hard we fight,
we continue to suffer

Ismael Shammout Thirst on the Way

The same horrible life follows in our footsteps
Tangling our legs in endless dips and slips
Wherever we go, we find the same darkness
As if we are destined to live life comfortless

Poverty persists… injustice exists
Worshiped and filling all records and lists
Until when O night, shall we struggle blind eyed?
Righteousness is manifest, but its tongue is tied

The difference between us, and the sons of modernity
They seek life’s ownership, and we seek fraternity
Hunger faces us, and fear stands behind
Holding our hands, and our spirits grind

4388ce59864792760c8d36673297430f (2)

O God’s might, fill up our veins
Let us hold on, and break our chains
O fear, stay away and hide
Let us fight hunger with pride
We shall not yield to life anymore
Very soon it shall hear us roar
We are the prime of its youth
Our return is an inevitable truth
Shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand,
We shall knock on its door and make our stand
We shall redeem our age, we shall renew its vigor
We shall defend our right to live, of that we swore
Enslavement, we shall stand defying
Till we earn our freedom, or die trying


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