Mountain Climber

Elegy for the lost Countries of the Middle East
By: Ehab Shawky


O Mountain climber
Bring me with you a new tomorrow
Free from stress, free from sorrow
Different from yesterday
Colored and shiny,
no longer gloomy… no longer grey

Fit to hold my dream
Able to make the future gleam
Sun runs in its face
Justice forms its base

 Let it be easygoing
With kind hearts growing
Smiling to the weak… smiling to the poor
For their pains… holding a cure

Green as a grass field
Holding enough yield
To feed the hungry
To hasten their recovery

Pure like the moon’s light
Colored like a child’s kite
Governed by conscience
Able to create a difference


O Tomorrow,
Shall I live to see you?
Are you going to be true?
Shall you bring my dreams closer?
Or shall you disappoint me over and over?


Inspired by The Arabic Egyptian song: Ya Tale’ Al-Shagarah (1985)

In Response To: Gray

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