In appreciation for the Egyptian Poet, Muhammad Abd El-Qader.
Inspired by his Arabic lyrics for ‘Ya Tale‘ El-Shagarah’ song.
Recomposed and written in English by Ehab Shawky.
Old Cairo, Egypt, The fairest of all countries.



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Lost Generation By Ehab Shawky

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Poetry & Rhymed Prose: Lost Generation

Religion and Philosophy: Islamic Methodologies Made Easy

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A Journey into the Islamic Sciences

Knowledge is the only treasured hoard, truth seeking is its path, and a sound heart is its guiding light.

Between Poetry, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Science, I’ve spent the past three decades. In some I’ve indulged deeper than the others; nonetheless, I have always tried to keep things balanced so as not to go astray with my understandings, or alienate my thoughts from reality. As such, I always seek to keep my writings ripe and rich with the 4 branches of knowledge mentioned up there. In this book, I tried to harmonize them all into one complete organized structure, may the reader find some measure of peace and some answers within its pages.

Please find attached herein the latest Pdf version of 
“Islamic Methodologies Made Easy” By Ehab Shawky.

UntitledThis book is a compilation of important knowledge deemed beneficial for all Muslims, especially students of the Islamic sciences and those interested. It consists of three sections. The first is a concentrated introduction to the famous Schools of thought, the development of Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic law and legislation methodology, Classification of the prophetic traditions, and finally, Monotheism and Islamic Philosophy. The second section tackles the most common misconceptions raised against the Qur’an, Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H., and the Islamic law. It clarifies the Islamic teachings regarding each one of them supported by relevant evidences. An introduction to Spiritual Purification—commonly known as Sufism—is given at the end of Section II. The third section is a concise chronology for the history of the people of the book.